Our Team Zvi Terlow (1932-2010)

Adv. Zvi Terlo


Born in Krakow, Poland in 1932, immigrated to Israel in 1935.
Mr. Terlo graduated from the Hebrew University Faculty of Law in 1954 and was admitted to the Israeli Bar since 1956. Between 1962-1967 Mr. Terlo served as the Head of the High Court of Justice Department in the State Attorney’s Office. During 1967-1969 he was a Senior Adviser to the Minister of Justice and during the years 1969-1976 he served as the General Manager of the Ministry of Justice. For over twenty years Mr. Terlo taught numerous subjects in the Hebrew University School of Law and in the Tel Aviv University School of Business and was honored by the IsraeliCenter of Management (‘Hamil’). In 1976 Mr. Terlo was appointed as a Judge to the National Labor Court and served as Vice President of the Court until 1982. In addition, during those years, Mr. Terlo served as a Judge in the Military Court of Appeals, a position in which he was promoted to the rank of Colonel. In 1982 Mr. Terlo retired from the bench and established his own law firm that focused mainly on the areas of labor and administrative law. Mr. Terlo joined Asher Heled & Co. in 1992 and has been serving as Counsel since 2002, until his passing away, in 2010.

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