Our Team Yosef Heled (1911-1989)

Adv. Joseph Heled


Born in Ludz, Poland, Adv. Joseph Heled graduated as a Magistrate of Laws from the University of Warsaw in 1935. His early legal career was disrupted by the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany in September 1939.

Adv. Heled fled the German occupation and found refuge in Russia, where in June 1940 he was arrested for Zionist activity and sent away to Siberia.
In 1946, he returned to Poland and resumed his activity in the Zionist socialistic movement where he participated in organizing the illegal-emigration of the surviving Polish Jewry to Palestine. In the last day of 1947 Joseph Heled landed in Israel and settled in Tel Aviv. Four years later, in 1951, he was elected as a member of the Tel Aviv City Council, a position he held for 26 years, with one intermission between the years 1955 and 1958, when he served as the General Manager of the Ministry of Interior. During his service in the Tel Aviv Administration, Joseph Heled held numerous positions including Vice Mayor to Mayor Mordechai Namir. Yet, he considered his activity in the organization of the medical services in the young growing metropolitan of Tel Aviv as the highpoint of his service.
In parallel to his service in the Tel Aviv City Council and Administration, Joseph Heled also served as the General Counsel of Kupat Holim Clalit (Clalit Health Services). Among his most significant contributions in this capacity were the drafting of Clalit’s bylaws and the establishment of the Members’ Rights Department. He served in Kupat Holim Clalit until his retirement in 1980, upon which he was offered and accepted a position of Special Advisor to the CEO, in which he served until 1983.
The City of Tel Aviv acknowledged Joseph Heled’s many services and qualities by granting him the Henrietta Szold prize and, in 1981, the honorary title of ‘Yakkir Tel-Aviv Yaffo.’ Adv. Joseph Heled worked in A. Heled & Co. from his retirement in 1980 until his passing away, in 1989.

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