As a leading firm dedicated to labor law, pension schemes and social security, Asher Heled & Co. has made it its regular practice to help people who have been wronged but cannot afford to retain our services, when the public interest warrants that we stand by their side in their difficult time.
Pro bono: “One of Nine”
In addition to our regular voluntary work, Heled & Co. adopted the “One of Nine” NGO in 2010 to provide counseling and legal representation to women with breast cancer. Our lawyers guide women referred by the NGO in exercising their rights vis-a-vis their employers, insurers and pension funds. We help them when their rights as workers are compromised because they cope with cancer and therapy, from representing them in dealings with their employers all the way to filing lawsuits in the Labor Courts.
In 2011, our voluntary and assistance efforts were recognized with the Patient Rights Trustee Certificate, which was awarded to the Firm. Since then, we have helped hundreds of women who encountered difficulties in their workplace during this challenging time of their lives.
Legal clinic
We are proud to play an active role in the labor rights clinic at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC).
The clinic addresses a range of labor law theme with an end of advancing weaker populations and bridge the gaps in the work market. The talented students at the clinic provide free legal consulting and assistance and are active in advocating employee rights policy with position papers and draft bills in collaboration with parties in the legislature and relevant regulators.

Silence is Golden